Arena music

Why: The music in the arena goes wrong from Anakin and Padmé’s first entry, and lasts all the way through the following scenes.

First, when Anakin and Padmé enter, we hear this wonderful, almost epic music. The problem is, what we see on the screen doesn’t look very epic. I don’t know if it’s because of the camera angle or what is actually being shot, but there is something there that’s not right.

Second, what we hear throughout most of the execution is not music, but a constant beating of some kind of drums accompanied by what sounds like a fog horn. I might make it more primitive-sounding, but I found it to be pretty boring, especially because it lasts for so long.

How: Change some of the shots of Anakin and Padmé entering the arena so that they match the music better. Maybe have a shot of Anakin noticing Obi-Wan from a distance. I also didn’t like the zooming in on the balcony where Dooku stands.

As for the music during the execution, keep some of the drumming, but also add a bit of music here and there to make it more interesting and more professional.

It would be cool to hear parts of the track, “Love Pledge and the Arena,” during the scene where the monsters are moving towards the heroes.

Another idea could be just before the acklay strikes at Obi-Wan, have some kind of pre-climatic music, like someone is just about to be hit, as this is the first blow delivered and the beginning of the action. This could be immediately followed by a high-note during the actual strike and then some music with a fast tempo during the following few sequences, to give the audience a bit of an energy boost.

Another idea would be to hear a faint “Force theme” when Anakin is trying the mind-control the reek.

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