New scene before execution

Why: I really think a scene is needed between Anakin’s capture in the droid factory and the execution, simply because the transition is too quick, and several key points have to be explained:

  • The fact that they are going to be executed. When Padmé is confessing her love to Anakin, she mentions that they are about to die. And although she suggests that they’re gonna die, there is no confirmation and we don’t know why or how yet. This prospect decreases the significance of her love confession that she supposedly made because of the fact that they’re dying. In other words we need for their dying to be confirmed and not just suggested as a possibility, and/or to know the details of the execution before the love confession in order for it to have its “desired effect.”
  • Why they’re being executed. I’m guessing because it’s a Geonosian tradition and to Nute Gunray’s satisfaction. 
  • Why Dooku revealed the name of his master and his position in the Republic to Obi-Wan. This is a huge mystery to me up till this day.
  • Why Jango Fett left Coruscant without finishing his job. This, I guess, is because he learned that Padmé left.
  • What Jango is doing back on Geonosis. I personally have no idea.
  • Jango’s involvement in the whole thing. This is another one of those really confusing things that are never explained. We don’t know why Jango is allowed to know about both armies, and also how and why he knows the name “Tyranus.”

How: I think this could be a conversation between Jango and Dooku, and possibly Nute Gunray. We can have Jango come in and report that another Jedi has been captured and that senator Amidala is with him. This would please Dooku because he’s wanted to prove himself to Nute Gunray for some time. The end of the conversation could just be a Dooku commanding Jango to take them out to the arena and join Obi-Wan in the execution.

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