"Obi-Wan's gonna kill me"

Why: When Anakin’s lightsaber gets damaged in the droid factory, he says, “Not again…” which sort of gives the impression that he had lots of lightsabers before and something bad happened to them. This idea really lowers the value and the sheer mysticism of a lightsaber. It makes you feel like it’s something that just comes and goes and can be easily replaced at any time. When old Obi-Wan gave Luke Anakin’s saber and told him, “This was your father’s lightsaber,” you really got the idea that it was one of those one-of-a-kind items you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but now it would be like, “This is your father’s 546th lightsaber…yeah I always knew this one was gonna be lucky.

How: Have him say, “Oh, no,” instead of, “Not again.

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