Threepio's fall

Why: Artoo pushing Threepio off of the ledge, Threepio falling directly onto a flying robot, then actually having the reflexes and strength to hold on to it while it’s trying to shake him off is just too impossible to believe or to be satisfied with. This makes the scene start to feel more like a Tom and Jerry cartoon rather than a Star Wars movie. Plus the lines, “I’m scrap. It’s a nightmare!” are not very interesting either.

How: Make Threepio fall directly onto the conveyor belt without falling on the robot first. Then instead of the line, “What did I do to deserve this,” make him say something like, “Blast that R2 unit.” It would also be a good idea to replace his line when he’s running on the conveyor belt with his other line, “I want to go home,” followed by his head flying off. It’s better than him calling R2-D2, “poor little Artoo,” because he’s supposedly a bit angry at him for pushing him off the ledge.

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