Duel over lava

Why: I disliked the lightsaber duel over the lava river for several reasons:
  • A person standing that close to lava would probably melt in a matter of seconds. Our heroes didn’t even break a sweat.
  • It’s very unrealistic how the objects they were standing on moved with them while they were fighting. If they were using the Force the control them, this is not made clear at all, and it confuses the hell out of the audience.
  • The dialogue during the fight is very bad, especially Anakin’s line, “From my point of view the Jedi are evil!” It doesn’t suit the situation at all. Not to mention the fact that Anakin should not consider the Jedi as evil at all, simply inferior, because he knows that the whole story about them trying to overthrow the Senate is pure BS, as explained in the point about why Anakin joined the Sith.
Obviously the duel is made to be very spectacular and on the border of believable to make it a very significant event, but unfortunately it’s too unbelievable and “pushed too far” for most of the audience.

Next, the whole idea of Obi-Wan having the “high ground” is not a good way to end the battle. Obi-Wan tells Anakin that it’s over, but it really isn’t because Anakin could have used that opportunity to tell Obi-Wan, “See ya later sucker,” and escape down the lava river on the metal platform. That way Obi-Wan’s whole effort would have been wasted and Anakin could have escaped unharmed. But I guess Hayden Christensen couldn’t let go of his past and wanted “Higher Ground.” Hahaha!

How: I personally would transfer this fight to a platform above the lava and get rid of the whole higher ground nonsense. It could go something like this:
  • While Obi-Wan is swinging on the cable, instead of him seeing a floating platform on the lava, let him see something like a rock formation in the shape of a platform in the middle of the lava river. This could be something similar to the rock formation seen in the “Lego Star Wars” PC game. This rock formation would be a perfect lightsaber arena.
  • Once Obi-Wan lands, and Anakin lands a few yards away, let him walk up to Obi-Wan casually and let them duel it out for a while. It would be a good idea to show Anakin having the upper hand. After a few punches, kicks, and bruises, let them take a little break and talk while circling each other again. Their conversation can go something like this:
ANAKIN: You can feel it, can’t you Obi-Wan. The dark side is stronger.

  • After their little chat, they continue to fight one last fight, in which Anakin tries to do the same move that he did to Dooku when he cut off his hands and gives Obi-Wan his side. Obi-Wan uses this opportunity to Force-push Anakin towards the edge and Anakin barely manages to slide to a stop without falling off. Anakin looks back at Obi-Wan only to see a spinning blue lightsaber flying his way with Obi-Wan standing in the distance holding out his hand. The lightsaber cuts through him at the shoulder, cutting off his good arm. He begins to falter backwards, approaching the edge and as Obi-Wan Force-pulls his saber back to him, it cuts through both of Anakin’s legs. Anakin falls off the edge and slides down a steep slope, but finally manages to hold on with his robotic arm before falling into the lava. Obi-Wan approaches the ledge and then we have our immolation scene…

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  1. No, the duel on Mustafar is perfect other than the reference to the high ground. Of course Anakin came to believe that the Jedi are evil. I actually liked that line.