Into exile...??

Why: Yoda announcing that he’s going into exile is probably the worst saga tie-in in the saga, maybe even worse than deciding the twins’ fates. This is simply because it just comes too suddenly and too inexplicably. There is no reason given for his exile save for the fact that he failed to kill Sidious, which in my opinion he could have done had he tried again or brought Obi-Wan Kenobi and ganged up on him. So from my point of view, there was no clear reason for him to be going into exile. This should be given to the viewer.

How: I think the whole idea of Yoda going into exile should not be mentioned to the viewer. If it’s not mentioned, it would make it more subtle…and no explanation would be needed as it would explain itself. When the audience draw a conclusion in their minds, it’s easier to accept than if it is shown to them in a non-convincing way. Therefore, the line, “Into exile I must go,” can be totally removed and the dialogue fixed a bit so that a few more words are spoken. It can go a bit like this:
BAIL: Can I assume that things didn’t go as well as we’d hoped?

YODA: My destiny it was not to defeat the Emperor, but the destiny of another.

BAIL: Who?

YODA: One who a prophecy had foreseen… (or something similar suggesting Anakin fulfilling the prophecy. Yoda becomes a believer in the prophecy after Palpatine says how his new apprentice will become more powerful than either of them. That’s when things finally click in Yoda’s mind.)

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