Duel with Dooku

Why: The duel was fine, but I felt that a lot of really cool parts of it were cut for some reason. The fight starts off very suddenly, and during the fight we barely see any really impressive moves. If there is more footage that was cut, it needs to be re-added because the duel was too short.

It would also have been much better if there was a bit more dialogue between the characters, something to suggest why he let them board the ship and allow them to reach the Chancellor. If something like this was filmed, it should also be re-added.

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  1. Yeah there is a bit more, and I'd agree that I'd like to see it. Though I wouldn't want much more dueling in a movie that already has a bunch of lightsaber scenes, dialogue is preferred (they cut a scene of Dooku igniting his lightsaber and the line, "just because there are two of you, do not assume you have the advantage")