Dooku's entrance

Why: Dooku entering the room with the Jedi and the Chancellor was a bit too sudden. I felt that a few lines of conversation were missing between the Jedi greeting the Chancellor and Dooku’s entrance.

Secondly, as soon as Dooku enters, Palpatine says, “Get help.” Just where does he expect them to get help from? Go all the way back to Coruscant and bring a bigger group of Jedi while Dooku and Palpatine just sit there singing “99 Bottles of Beer on Wall?” I don’t think so.

How: Add a couple of lines before Dooku enters, like Palpatine saying, “I’m grateful that you’re here; we’d better hurry before they come.” Obi-Wan and Anakin could say a line or two also.

Second, cut the words, “Get help,” but continue his sentence normally.

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