"Oh, it's YOU!"

Why: When Anakin drops back into the elevator, Obi-Wan actually ignites his lightsaber out of surprise! The first thing that came into my mind was the line from “Alien Resurrection,” “Who were you expecting, Santa Claus?” This part should be cut…cuz he’s a Jedi for crying out loud!

As for the dialogue that follows, I found it a bit un-Star Wars-like, and a bit unprofessional. Maybe it wasn’t the dialogue as much as it was the actors’ performances in delivering the lines. Anyhow, it should be fixed up to look better.

How: If possible, use a better cut of that segment. If not, re-shoot it if the actors are coming in for re-shooting. If not, then just cut the whole segment and show R2-D2’s antics separately.

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