Escape from Kashyyyk

Why: I think it would really improve the image of the wookiees if a longer scene was made showing how they helped Yoda escape. It would also make sense if Tarfful did something really cool, while Chewbacca did something a bit goofy, so that his character in ANH doesn’t look like a totally different one.

How: After the clones pass with their AT-RT’s, have the three heroes come out of hiding and head toward the secret place where the ship is. A few seconds of running through the jungle and climbing up rocks would really make the scene look good. Lastly, have a small group of clones intercept them and have Tarfful do something cool to stop them, while Chewbacca does something slightly Jar Jar-like. This could all be done with CGI, which would make it somewhat easier I think.

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