Anakin inside the temple

Why: Having a new scene of Anakin killing Jedi inside the temple is crucial in my opinion. Here are my reasons:
  • Just hearing about Anakin betraying the Jedi is not enough to make him look evil and consumed by the dark side. We need to see this to have a clear vision in our heads that this guy is no longer a nice guy. This would greatly improve the feel of the final duel between him and Obi-Wan because there will be a definite feel of “good vs. evil” as opposed to “good vs. potentially good.”
  • Anakin killing the Jedi is very hard to believe. It’s hard to imagine that he would turn on his family to wipe them out, especially the younglings. This has to be seen in order to be believable.
As for the scene with the younglings, I think this was a bit too sudden and too dark. Yes, it shows how evil he is (in an unbelievable way I might add), but it’s just too sinister to be seen, it should only be heard about. Also, there is no transition at all between being a hero of the Republic, to being a baby killer. Therefore, I would remove the scene with the younglings totally, even though the little one did a good acting job.

How: If shots of the raid on the temple were filmed, they should be added. If not, some new shots should be filmed, either during his entrance into the temple or replacing the younglings’ scene.

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