Fighting Jedi

Why: Although most of the shots of the Jedi fighting with the droids were pretty cool, I would’ve liked to see more “Jedi showoff shots.” I mean seeing this many Jedi in battle is what we’ve been waiting to see ever since ANH came out in 1977, so let’s make it count! Also, having longer shots would improve the quality of the fight, as a lot of the shots are too quick and barely noticeable.

How: I’m sure a lot more shots were filmed with Jedi doing flips and stuff, and some shots of Luminara and Bariss fighting, and those would be really cool to see. I think there are also shots of Jedi dying in different ways, like getting blasted, etc., which, if shown to the audience, would give much more meaning to Anakin’s line, “You’re going to pay for all of the Jedi that you killed today, Dooku.

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