Gungan battle

Why: The Gungan battle, which was supposedly a real battle with real Gungans dying, felt a lot like it was all one big joke. Although the battle was visually stunning, it lacked the feel of a real battle. It needed to be more dark and fierce, not just a constant comic relief. If we saw the Gungans using their fists more and being more aggressive, it would’ve made a very nice contrast with the high tech droid army. They are warriors after all.

How: This is a pretty big task because most of the battle was just a collection of Jar Jar’s antics, which include:
  1. Steady! Steady!
  2. Falling off his ride
  3. Spinning buba around
  4. Droid killing spree
  5. Dumping bubas out of wagon
  6. Running around like a lunatic
  7. Falling on top of tank turret
  8. Accidently killing the tank droid
  9. My give up!
If there are no scenes that were cut out of the movie, then the only possible way that I think this could be improved is with some additional shooting/CGI work.

Also, the list of antics should at least be cut in half.

Additional shooting should include shots of Gungans fighting with droids very fiercely, instead of the way they do in the movie. Maybe have a few of them ram a group of droids with their energy shields.

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