"He's my brother"

Why: The way Leia tells Han that she loves Luke, and then that he’s her brother never quite hit the spot for me. She looks really confused that Han doesn’t know that Luke is her brother, but that doesn’t make sense because no one told him. I always thought it would’ve been funnier if Leia teases Han a bit before she tells him that Luke is her brother. Also, a brief explanation is needed of how she found out.

How: After Han says, “You love him, don’t you,” keep the, “Well, yes,” as it is because it sounds like she’s really teasing him and doing a good job of it. The big challenge is to remove the curious look off her face and replace it with her giving a very sly, mischievous smile while at the same time trying to keep a straight face about the fact that she’s toying with Han. Then after Han says his next line, have Leia go into a sly little chuckle, then say her line, “He’s my brother,” followed by, “This is what I couldn’t tell you before.”

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