"It's time to go"

Why: When Anakin and Padmé are about to depart Coruscant and are saying goodbye to everyone, Anakin tells Padmé, “It’s time to go,” in an almost angry voice, to which she replies, “I know,” in a similarly angry voice. My question is: what was the point of those two lines? I mean the scene was going smoothly, the dialogue was great, the emotions were all there, and then all of a sudden you get these two lines that ruin the whole mood.

How: If the segment with these two lines is simply removed, it won’t look right in the movie. It’s going to cause a frame jump and it might give the feeling like something’s missing. If the lines can be dubbed out and Anakin and Padmé’s mouths are both done with CGI so that it doesn’t look like they said anything, this could solve the problem.

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