Jar Jar's antics on Tatooine

Why: Jar Jar’s character works well in being the comic relief in the movie and sometimes watching his antics makes you feel good, especially in the middle of all the trouble brewing around the galaxy. However, these kinds of things also make the movie a bit silly and childish. There are two examples of Jar Jar doing stupid things that have no meaning in the story and I feel could be removed without losing much of the friendly Jar Jar atmosphere.

How: The first one is in Watto’s shop where Jar Jar is goofing around with a pit droid. This can be shortened up by removing everything, including Anakin’s suggestion to, “Hit the nose,” and just leaving the part where he’s looking at the droid at the end and hitting the nose, making the droid fold up.

The second one is while Anakin is testing out his pod for the first time and Jar Jar gets his hand stuck in the propeller and puts his tongue in the power coupling. This scene just feels like it goes on for too long. I think the scene could be shortened up by removing some parts.

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