R2-D2's intro

Why: It doesn’t make sense that the decoy ordered the Queen to clean the droid. The Queen’s place should always be by her side, especially in the presence of the Jedi when big decisions are made. This should be slightly modified.

How: First of all, the whole scene looks like a work print; there’s no music, the sound isn’t good quality, and there’s a general feel like there’s something missing. If some music could be added or something done about the sound, I think the scene would work a lot better.

As for the R2 problem, we could have the decoy telling another handmaiden to clean the droid, followed by Padmé offering that she does it, maybe as a way to get to know her new companions or something.

1 comment:

  1. I like Padme volunteering to do it.

    They could have also fleshed out the Naboo culture more, maybe showing that they respect droids, who do most of the manual labor on Naboo or something?

    And another possibility, maybe Padme wanted to hide something on Artoo?Or wanted to get away from the Jedi for a second to contact Sio Bibble, and let him know they got away?