"Killing younglings"

Why: When Obi-Wan says that he’d seen a security recording of Anakin killing younglings, there are two problems. One is that this never actually happens in the movie, and is therefore a lie. It’s true that Obi-Wan sees Anakin killing other older Jedi, but there aren’t any actual younglings in the hologram.

The second thing is that when he only mentions younglings, it sounds too much like he’s just trying to get her sympathy by mentioning the most atrocious act done by Anakin. I think that mentioning the killing of the younglings as one of the things that Anakin did would work much better. Later, when Padmé mentions the killing of the younglings to Anakin, it would be obvious that that single act really got to her.

How: Make Obi-Wan say something like, “I have seen a security hologram of him killing Jedi in the temple. Even the younglings.

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