The Millennium Falcon

Why: When Luke first sees the Millennium Falcon, he calls it a piece of junk, and when Leia first sees it, she says how they're brave to have come in it. However, I don't really see what the big fuss is about, it looks like a totally normal ship, in fact it looks sleeker and more attractive than the Tantive IV, which was used by Bail Organa. If it’s gonna put up with all the insults, then let it at least look like it deserves them.

How: Make the Falcon look dirtier by adding blaster marks or dirt marks over its hull. Also, it would be pretty funny if as soon as Luke sees it and calls it a piece of junk to have an exterior panel explode and fly open and sparks come out of it. This would really make it look like a real piece of junk.

1 comment:

  1. It already have blast marks and holes. You can see that is full of pipes and exterior parts. What more of a piece of junk compare it to the polished star destroyers?
    I dont like the explosion idea. Its like adding the stupid pod racer droids doing antics in the background.
    How han will explain what just happened?