Remove the scene with Jabba

Why: This scene should be removed for many reasons:

  • Jabba is a very high-profile individual (who has a palace) and would never go after debtors on his own, especially if he had just put a high price on their heads. Greedo even says that Jabba has no time for smugglers who drop their shipment.
  • It’s interesting to always be hearing about Jabba and not seeing him until ROTJ. It makes him more mysterious and more intriguing as a character.
  • This scene also creates a plot error when Jabba says, “Why did you fry poor Greedo,” because Han had just killed him and went straight to the docking bay, so Jabba had no way of finding out so quickly.
  • Han stepping on Jabba’s tail without getting shot down on the spot is just ludicrous.
  • Seeing Boba Fett in ANH seems very unnecessary and a little too much Fett. As if Boba didn’t have anything better to do than just follow a big green slug around. He should be running around the galaxy hunting bounties.
  • The first time we see the Falcon should not be seeing it in the background of some scene, but instead be the focal point, like when Luke first sees it and calls it a piece of junk.
  • When the heroes come, Han tells everyone that they’re a little rushed, which probably means that Jabba’s going to find out about Greedo and send someone after him.
  • It looks really cool when Han’s expecting Jabba’s thugs to come through the docking bay door at any second only to see a group of Imperial stormtroopers instead. The scene with Jabba ruins that effect also.

Conclusion: it’s gotta go!

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