Obi-Wan vs. Vader

Why: In comparison to the extreme dueling we see in the prequel trilogy, the duel on the Death Star looks very slow and choreographically primitive. Granted Obi-Wan is old and Vader is in his suit, they could still have had a better fight. Dooku, for example, was over 70 years old and he could take down three Jedi, including Yoda and Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan in ANH should be about 50, so he should have no problem. The duel should definitely be sped up with more impressive moves. Also, a change in dialogue should be considered to be more appropriate as a follow-up to ROTS.

How: Since Obi-Wan is wearing a hood and Darth Vader is masked, it’s easy to film new scenes with stunt doubles and replace some of the old footage with new footage.

Since Obi-Wan likes to twirl his lightsaber a lot in the PT, it would be nice to see him doing that once or twice in this duel as well.

This might be a good place to put a modified version of the Imperial March since there’s no music here at all…but very subtly. Other music could be added as this is mostly a quiet scene.

I think another key factor here is new lines to tie the saga together. First of all get rid of Vader saying he is the master, because he’s still just an apprentice. Then replace Obi-Wan’s reference to Darth Vader as “Darth” with “Vader” or something. More lines could be included to reflect on the events of the PT.

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