Rebel base interior

Why: The shots look too much like the 70’s or 80’s on Earth; it almost makes you forget that it’s Star Wars. I know that the Rebels are short of funds and all that, but I think even if they’re broke, they’d have better technology than Earth in the 70’s.

How: Some CG could be added there ex. different lighting, computer consoles, more droids, perhaps a change of hair for some characters, etc. The hangar could be illuminated slightly with a soft neon-like glow and blinking lights on the floor and walls, the passenger trolley carrying Luke and Leia could be made to look more futuristic, the controls could be a bit updated, etc. Also, unless there is a reason why there are no aliens with the rebels, add some aliens to the presentation on the Death Star, in the hangar, etc. A few Mon Calamari would be a good choice, as well as being easy to integrate.

A lot of people mentioned the Death Star plans and the presentation being redone to look more futuristic, and I agree that that would be a good idea, especially getting rid of that metal rod the presenter is holding and replacing it with something else…something less 70’s.

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