Obi-Wan's lines in the space battle

Why: Ewan’s performance in delivering the first line (as well as a few others) wasn’t very good. I was a bit disappointed with his performance in this movie compared to the outstanding one he gave in AOTC. Anyways, “Oh I see them, oh this is going to be easy,” is not a good line to have as his first one, especially because he says, “Oh,” twice in one line.

Second, the part where he tells Anakin to forget him and concentrate on the mission and the Chancellor is followed by him saying how he’s running out of tricks, which contradicts the fact that he wants Anakin to ditch him.

How: If there is another cut of him saying the first line, a better cut, then replace it, otherwise just cut it because his next line works quite well as a first line.

As for the second part, “I’m running out of tricks here,” it could be moved to another, earlier part of the film or just removed.

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