Revenge of the Sith intro

Revenge of the Sith, in my opinion, was a huge improvement on Attack of the Clones both acting and editing-wise. I think most of the actors achieved their potential in this movie, especially Hayden Christensen, was practically the star of the show. The movie also contains some amazing scenes, I think even more than AOTC and TPM put together.

Story-wise however, I felt it to be very rushed, especially the whole idea of Anakin turning to the dark side. The whole latter half of the movie seemed to just fly by and a lot of events that tie the prequels with the original trilogy seemed very rushed. A lot of questions were left unanswered and a lot of new questions popped up. That was probably my main reason for disliking anything in the movie.

Now, this list was very hard for me to make because the movie doesn’t contain as many editorial mistakes, but what I feel to be an inconsistency in the tempo. The first half is very long, each scene gets plenty of time, sometimes even more than needed, while the second half of the movie is nothing but new events, drastic character changes, and huge decisions, all within a very short time period.

Also, the list might seem long because I felt some of the editorial mistakes made in AOTC have been repeated here, but anyways see the list and judge it for yourself.

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