Master Edition Rebooted

Hey all you fellow Star Wars changes enthusiasts, or just ordinary Star Wars fans, or just fans of movies in general, I'm happy to tell you that after a few years of "exile", I've decided to bring Master Edition back... with a vengeance. My main reason for this is due to the release of the Blu-Ray version of the Star Wars Saga, which many of us had hoped would have positive new changes to the movies as well as fixing up or undoing some of the old ones that nobody liked... but instead we got fed more Bantha poodoo.

The Blu-Rays themselves are pretty nice to be honest. The picture looks great, especially TPM which had an extreme makeover and it really shows, they even integrated some changes from the old version of Master Edition, which I personally was really happy to see (almost brought a tear to me eye). Even the colors were fixed to not look like everyone was wearing lipstick :) So for those reasons, I have to say that I like the Blu-Rays.

But our relationship unfortunately doesn't go past "like". And the main reason for this is that some of the really easy-to-implement yet crucial changes mentioned on this site and repeated over and over in unity by Star Wars fans around the world got completely ignored. Moreover, they wasted their time implementing new pointless changes, which I'll get into more detail about in my next post, as well as adding changes that made most Star Wars fans go, "No. Noooooooo!" from how ridiculous they are.

This blog version of Master Edition is here, again, for the fans; this time not just to show ideas that I've personally gathered, but to allow others to post theirs, comment on them, and vote together as a community for which ones have true merit. Last time we did it through e-mail, which got really hard to manage, but I think this new layout will be a lot more accommodating for our purposes. Hopefully this will lead us closer to some kind of consensus, and help those hard working people like Adywan and many others, who have dedicated their time and money to removing the pebbles out of the shoes of Star Wars fans around the world. This site is for you, my friends. Hope you find it useful.

Yours sincerely, aPPmaSTer


  1. This is an amazing site. Kudos on your effort and best of luck.


  2. Thank you and I'm glad you like it :) Don't forget to vote on all the changes, and suggest new ideas.