Palpatine throwing things

Why: When I first saw the trailer and saw that Palpatine was going to be throwing Senate pods, I was really excited. When I saw the movie though, it was a disappointment. I thought that the idea of him throwing pods was going to be given a bit more value in the movie, like if we saw him fighting with Yoda and then slowly lifting one pod, to Yoda’s and the audience’s amazement. Instead what we have is a shot of him just standing there with two pods hovering above him already, which he starts throwing at Yoda. There is no buildup of suspense, or as James Bond would say…no foreplay, and I think it’s very much needed in this segment.

How: First of all, it’s not shown how the lightsaber duel ends, nor how they got from the podium onto the Senate pods, nor how Sidious loses his lightsaber. If there is existing footage of this, it should be added to the film. If new shooting or CGI work is to be done, then it should definitely include a segment where Sidious slowly lifts one pod and throws it, then proceeds to throw the others normally.

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