Palpatine's deformities

Why: It seems really strange to me that after Palpatine’s face got totally deformed, he didn’t even bother to look in a mirror to see what he looked like. He just brushed it off as an everyday thing and carried on talking to Anakin. Now I don’t know if he wanted for his face to get deformed intentionally so that Anakin can have sympathy for him, or if that’s his real form coming out in the open as some people speculate, but I’ll consider that it was not his intention and that it’s not his real form. Keeping this in mind, there should be a moment where he examines his face to see the extent of the damage. Actually this would work no matter what the circumstance.

How: Add a brief shot of Palpatine looking at a reflection of himself on a console just after the cut to Yoda on Kashyyyk.

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