The podrace

Why: The podrace was carried out pretty good except for the occasional feeling that the accidents that were happening to the racers were a little too frequent…therefore it made it more cartoony and less believable. The part where I felt this the most was where a pod exploded inside a cave, on the first lap, and as soon as the other racers emerged from it, sand people started shooting at them. It doesn’t feel like a race anymore, it’s more like running a gauntlet.

The other thing I didn't like was the part when Anakin's pod starts spinning out of control. Beside all the crazy stuff going on in the podrace, that part just takes the whole thing overboard.

Also, in the deleted scenes on the TPM DVD, Sebulba uses his flamethrowers twice. It would be nice if one of them could be put in, maybe the one when Sebulba tries to flash Anakin again, but fails this time.

How: First, I would separate the explosion in the cave and the appearance of the sand people by either a few seconds or a whole lap. If not, then the explosion could be removed because it’s a bit extreme. Also, take out some more unbelievable stuff and put in footage of normal racing (if it exists).

Next, remove the spinning out of control part.

Thirdly, show Sebulba using his flamethrower on Anakin, but not on the second lap, which is where I think he used it, but on the third, to show that he’s getting really desperate.

Lastly, the race does go on for quite a while and many people have complained about its length, so removing a few clips out of it wouldn't hurt.

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  1. Yeah, it does go on pretty long, should definitely be shortened