Farting eopie

Why: The farting eopie scene is a total mood killer. There you have a flag parade with vibrant and ceremonial music, making the race start look like something grand…and then an eopie farts. If this was some kind of directorial joke, it was in poor taste.

How: Just get rid of it! There are a million other things that can be put in its place from the pre-race deleted scene.


  1. Definitely!!!!

    I rewatched TPM a few months ago, and aside from the two poop jokes (Jar Jar stepping in poop when entering Mos Espa, and this fart) neither Jar Jar nor the "immaturity" of the film was as bad as the reputation has become.

  2. I completely agree. The fart scene is just nasty and not the least bit funny. I know I'm a girl and I don't find farts as funny as guys do, but I don't think even guys would find anything funny about an ugly creature letting out the longest, loudest, and most disgusting-sounding fart imaginable into someone's face. That's just gross. I also had the misfortne of seeing the extended fart scene from the Phantom Menace DVD. It seriously almost made me puke. Yuck!

  3. i'd smell a eopie fart