Something to remember Padmé by

Why: I think it would be great if something happened in TPM that would really make Anakin want to remember Padmé all his life. It would make a lot of sense because in AOTC when he’s in the elevator with Obi-Wan, just about to see Padmé, he’s really nervous, but you don’t really know why based on actual events from TPM.

How: There is one deleted scene where Padmé wakes Anakin up on the day of the race, except in the scene she acts really cold with him. If that scene could be touched up by removing the un-necessary things and focusing only on the conversation between Anakin and Padmé, it could really work well as a remembrance scene. Of course for this to work, the dialogue would have to be totally changed. It could include something like Padmé reassuring Anakin and making him feel good, followed by Anakin telling her something like he’s going to marry her one day. When you’re a young boy and a beautiful older girl is that nice to you, it’s very easy to say stuff like that; I was once a little boy and I know.

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  1. True, I was the same way as a young kid. I think there actually was a line like that in the rough draft (I'll marry you someday).