Reactions to Obi-Wan's message

Why: I really didn’t like Yoda and Mace Windu’s reactions to Obi-Wan’s message from Geonosis. What Yoda says, “More happening on Geonosis I feel, than has been revealed,” it’s like, duh! You’re not telling anybody anything new, plus he seems to play it cool that Obi-Wan got blasted by a destroyer droid right before their eyes…too cool.

Mace’s reply to this line, “I agree,” is probably his worst line in all the movies. This shows to an even further extent that they are very slow thinkers, and that they’re being too calm about Obi-Wan’s attack.

How: Replace Yoda’s line with something like, “If an army there is on Geonosis, quickly we must act.

Second, although Mace’s line, “I agree,” would go a lot better with Yoda’s new line, it might be better if it was removed nevertheless. By him quickly giving Anakin his new orders, it would clearly show to the audience that the Jedi are quick thinkers and are always prepared for any situation.

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