Saber contacts and sounds

Why: For some reason, in AOTC and in ROTS there is a big problem of the lightsabers’ contacts, not shining when they clash, and sounds when they clash. Sometimes you hear them clashing but you don’t see them and vice versa.

I thought that at this point these would not be considered problems anymore since now we can create amazing graphics, but somehow the problems are there and should be dealt with.

Special attention should be paid to the Anakin/Dooku duel and extra special attention should be paid to the Yoda/Dooku duel, which to me looks like the sabers always make clashing sounds at the wrong time and the contacts are very far off. Dooku a lot of times looks like he’s just playing around with his lightsaber and Yoda is trying to chase him and trying to make their lightsabers clash. Come on ILM, we can do better than that.

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