Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's ghost

Why: It makes more sense to me that the ghost of the Jedi appears as the person appears upon death, minus any artificial deformities, lost limbs, etc. It’s more mystical. It is also quite fascinating for a first-time watcher, or even a long time fan to see Anakin Skywalker as an older man without his mask. We get plenty of Hayden in AOTC and ROTS. Besides, for me Anakin in ROTS represents evil, the fall to the dark side, whereas the one in ROTJ represents good, purification, the return to the light side. So keeping this in mind, seeing Ben and Yoda accompanied with the evil Anakin seems kind of tainted. You can even tell by the way he smiles, Sebastian Shaw looked much friendlier; Hayden just looks arrogant.

Another question that comes up is, "How come Ben and Yoda have to be old and Anakin gets to be young?" It doesn’t seem really fair for Ben and Yoda, especially since they deserve to be young more than Anakin. 

However, the most thing that really tells me that the old Anakin belongs there is the feeling you get when you see an aged father looking at his young son, with both appreciation and pride. It really gives that father-son feeling that just doesn't exist with Hayden.

How: Replace the new version with the old, after being digitally enhanced.

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