Frame jumps and other graphics issues

Why: The following graphics issues should be addressed:
  • There are only one or two frame jumps in this movie, like when Luke is looking for Vader on Cloud City and a door closes behind him. These should be taken care of with CGI. 
  • There are some matte lines and boxes, especially some of the asteroids, so those should be taken care of once and for all.
  • The cockpit controls and displays inside the snowspeeders are pretty primitive, and almost non-existant as seen in the below shot. This makes it seem strange that 3 decades prior to that even Anakin's makeshift pod had better looking displays.
  • One of the things that really stand out as looking old in this movie are the holograms. They look totally primitive compared to the ones in the PT and should be digitally rendered to look better and more modern.
  • The shadows of the ships should be fixed up in the asteroid chase, especially one of the Falcon when it’s nearing the surface of the large asteroid.
  • The explosions should be fixed to match the prequels’ standards. Again, big emphasis on the asteroid chase, especially the last two tie fighters. Some explosions on Hoth are a little outdated also.

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