Slave I following the Millennium Falcon

Why: It seems strange that the Falcon could not detect Slave I at that close a range. Slave I was RIGHT on top of them and they couldn’t detect it. Forget sensors, a rear-view mirror could've seen it! A reason should be given for this.

How: Have Boba Fett push a button that makes the ship go into something like “stealth mode” that prevents the Falcon from detecting it. This can be shown by making most of the consoles turn off while others turn a different color.

Another idea would be to just increase the distance between the ships so it doesn’t look like they’re glued to each other. Logically, increasing the distance wouldn’t really make a difference, but it might make the viewer not think about or just ignore the fact that it didn’t get detected when it should’ve. This could be done by delaying Slave I’s movement for a few seconds after the Falcon flies away, followed by removing the shot of it following the Falcon.

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