Stormtrooper accuracy

Why: The stormtroopers throughout the movie prove to be extremely inaccurate when shooting, which seems strange as they have the best weaponry and training the galaxy has to offer.

How: Include a shot where a stormtrooper hits Chewbacca, but not causing any injury because of the Wookiee natural physical strength. Have Chewie look down on his wound – his arm or lower torso or something – and give a growl, followed by him shooting the stormtrooper that hit him.


  1. I appreciate the sentiment, but a blaster shot is a blaster shot. It would be confusing if Chewie could shake it off with no further repercussions. Wookiees are strong, not laser proof. And making Super Chewie doesn't absolve or explain Stormtroopers' other missed 4,397 shots.

  2. Yeah it is a pretty radical idea. Any ideas how to display better stormtrooper accuracy a different way?