Tatooine sunset

Why: I didn’t like the ending scene with the Lars on Tatooine because a few things about it just didn’t seem right. First, Obi-Wan just gives the baby to Beru and acts like she’s expecting it. This could be explained by Obi-Wan contacting them before he came, so we can let that one pass.

The other thing is that Owen doesn’t greet Obi-Wan, he doesn’t even look at him! I don’t see any reason why he would have any kind of grudge against him that he doesn’t even want to see him. He’s never met him before, and if he has some grudge against the Jedi due to Anakin being there before, there is also nothing that Anakin did that would upset him.

Lastly, when Beru goes to Owen to show him the baby, she starts looking at the sunset and he starts looking at it too. The problem is that they don’t look like they’re watching a sunset; they look like they’re watching some kind of action movie because they seem so into it, instead of being a little more passive about it.

I think as a last shot in the movie, this scene carries a lot of importance and should be made to perfection.

How: I hate to say this, but I think it has to be re-filmed. There’s just not enough footage there to make it into something better, unless of course this scene was filmed several times and there is other deleted footage somewhere.

I would make it go something like this: have Obi-Wan arriving the same as he does except have Owen come and greet him first. We can have Owen coming out of the house or have him fixing a device next to it or something. After they talk for a few seconds (silent to the audience), have Beru come out of the house behind him, see the baby, give Owen a look of joy, and take the baby. Then have Obi-Wan start talking to her about what to feed him and how to change his diapers and all that (again silent to the audience), and while they’re talking, have Owen walk away from them and move towards the “sunset spot”, with an obvious look of concern and worry on his face. A baby is a big responsibility after all. Then have Beru say some kind of temporary goodbye to Obi-Wan and walk towards Owen, who is already looking at the sunset, but it’s obvious that the sunset is not what’s on his mind. Have a shot of Obi-Wan looking at them, smiling, and walking away, knowing that the baby will be safe. Then have them both take one last look at the baby, have Owen put his arm around Beru’s waist, and Beru put her head on his shoulder and have them look at the sunset.

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