Yoda running away

Why: The reason why Yoda gave up so easily after falling down in the Senate is a question many people are asking since he obviously overpowered Sidious. He could have easily used the Force to pull him down from the pod he was hanging on to, or to make the whole pod crash into the ground, or use another pod to slam into Sidious…a million things could have been done. Instead he just ran away like someone was after him, and in the next scene we see him crawling through some air vents like a mad dog was chasing him or something.

The scene itself ends very abruptly and inexplicably, because all you see is Yoda’s cloak falling onto a rod and the next thing you see is the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel, and you get the feeling of confusion and that there’s something missing.

How: Add a battalion of clones coming into the Senate, entering the pods and moving out to look for Yoda. At this point Yoda would not have the strength to fight them all, but have him give Sidious one long look, and have a close-up shot of his face making a sad expression, almost desperately sad, knowing that he failed and that the galaxy is doomed. Then have him turn around and start running.

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