Anakin's dream

Why: When I first saw the movie in the movie theater, the first thing I thought when I saw Anakin lying shirtless on his bed and breathing heavily was, “No...they didn’t!” Fortunately, they didn’t. But that initial feeling of seeing that scene is a bit unsettling. I’ve noticed a lot of people had the same reaction. I would fix this up so that it doesn’t make the audience as uncomfortable when they’re watching it.

How: There are several things that can be done:
  1. Add a CGI shirt to cover his chest and eliminate the brief moment of awkwardness
  2. Show part of the dream like in ROTS
  3. Hear part of the dream, like Shmi calling out to him or something
  4. Cut the part completely
I personally vote for 3, hearing Shmi’s voice calling out to Anakin. It would also be really interesting if her voice is sort of contorted and twisted in the beginning then smoothes out toward the end. If the previous scene with Yoda and Mace talking about the Sith and the dark side of the Force is modified the way I suggested, hearing this “contorted voice” just after talking about the Sith would make a very cool effect.

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  1. I'm quite pleased to say that this change was indeed implemented in the BluRay version of AOTC :) Congrats, George, you've just brought the movie one step closer to its true potential...thank you!