Battle on the bridge

Why: When the prisoners are brought to Grievous on the bridge, you get this feeling of claustrophobia because the bridge is just too damn crowded! It’s full of battle droids, neimoidians, Grievous’s guards, and Grievous himself – all this in a little room the size of my living room. I personally expected the room where the Chancellor was to be the bridge, because this one is really small.

Also, I don’t see the reason for Grievous bringing the Jedi to the bridge in the first place, besides maybe to execute them. If this is the case, it should be a lot more obvious. From what we see in the movie, he only brings them to the bridge to mock them a bit.

Next, the action feels like it’s missing something. It feels like it’s too soon…there’s no other way I can describe it. I think it also needs some music at the beginning as it starts off sounding a bit silent…or at least some background noise…neimoidians panicking, etc. A bit more dialogue before the fight would also help.

How: First, remove some of the droids from the background of the scene. Too many of them make the bridge look too crowded. Also, if possible, make the bridge look a little bigger by expanding it, and possibly move the captain’s chair behind where Grievous is standing.

Next, get rid of the two lines said by the battle droid carrying the lightsabers, “Excuse me,” and, “You’re welcome.” They’re just too goofy.

Now for the real deal…IDEAS NEEDED

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