Dormé laughing

Why: This is an abstract one so feel free to completely ignore it, but Dormé seems like a very emotionally open character who is not shy about showing her feelings to anyone, and I think this should be more emphasized in order to both develop her character a tiny bit more, and to show some more pure emotion. This would just give the film so much more value. When Anakin is in the middle of his list of complaints about life, it would be really nice to see Dormé go into an uncontrollable high-pitched laugh, from being amused by a 19 year old whining like he was 5, thus adding more humanity to the scene and at the same time not letting Anakin’s whining go un-noticed. His whine-fest is a little unbelievable in itself, and if that could be improved it would help, but a reaction to this whining is needed to make the characters less like robots.

How: When Anakin finishes saying, “It’s not fair,” have a shot of Dormé looking down while helping Padmé and starting to laugh out loud. This can be immediately followed by Padmé looking at her, smiling and trying hard not to laugh, instead getting a grip and assertively yet jokingly telling her “Dormé!” to not hurt Anakin’s feelings. At this point we can have Dormé quickly walk out of the room, unable to control herself, covering her mouth and chuckling as she goes…leaving the two soon to be lovers alone. This can be followed immediately by Padmé turning towards Anakin, who is both shocked and embarrassed, and giving him a caring look and continuing the conversation, “Most mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults that we would like…

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