Pathetic life form

Why: Obi-Wan referring to Anakin as a pathetic life form seems rather crude, whether he knew who he was or not. We, the viewers knew who he was, and it didn’t sound right.

Secondly, that whole segment of the film appears to be “flipped” because we see Obi-Wan’s braid on his left rather than on his right.

How: Have him say just “life form” without the word pathetic, or just cut the line completely along with Qui-Gon’s next line, both of which have no real use.

As for the flip shot, it’s obviously made that way so that Qui-Gon looks like he’s going towards the left, the direction of Mos Espa, to not confuse the viewer. If the braid could be played with digitally to move it to the other side of Obi-Wan’s head, that would do the trick.

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  1. Yeah, fix the braid. But I think Obi-wan is intended to be a bit of an elitist (with bad jokes) throughout all the prequels. He gets a little better about the elitist thing gradually (though he doesn't drop the bad jokes until he's spent a couple decades on Tattooine :p )